The Great Escape, Covent Garden, London

Picture of busker in Covent Garden, London

The Great Escape, Covent Garden, London

One of the most interesting parts of watching the buskers at Covent Garden is the way they drum up crowds for their performances – the ebb and flow of the crowd means each act starts from nothing, trying to attract the attention of passers-by long enough to build an audience, but careful to not to give too much away until the crowd has reached critical (and profitable) mass.


Ducks and Pond, St James Park, London

Picture of ducks on lake in St James Park, London England

Ducks and Pond, St James Park, London

After a frantic few weeks (leading to the unplanned hiatus in posting), I thought I’d celebrate my return with one of the most peaceful pictures I could find; ducks floating on the lake in St Jame’s Park.  For a park smack-bang in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world, there is a surprising feeling of calm and solitude – at least early on a chilly, overcast morning.

I hope everyone has had a relaxed and peaceful time while I’ve been gone!

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Great Court, British Museum

Picture of people looking down into the Great Court, British Museum, London

Great Court, British Museum

Peering over the edge, this couple provided a subtle hint of colour against the pale architecture of the British Museum’s Queen Elizabeth II Great Court.  The Great Court is an interesting combination of modern and traditional architecture, further emphasised by the slightly odd combination of uses of the Great Court itself, with historical sculptures dotted among the cafe servery and benches, shop displays, and pedestrian traffic moving between the various exhibition halls.

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Lake, St James’s Park

Picture of lake, St James Park, London

St James’s Park, London

This picture of the lake in St James’s Park, central London, was taken early on a freezing, foggy morning while waiting to check into my hotel after flying in from Australia.  Looking back at the pictures I took that morning, all of them seem to have a slightly strange, dreamlike feeling – rather suitable for pictures taken under the influence of jet lag!

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Clare Bridge, Cambridge

Black and white picture of Clare Bridge and Tree, Cambridge, Englnd

Clare Bridge, Cambridge

Clare Bridge, built in 1640, is the oldest of Cambridge‘s many bridges.  This picture was taken while punting down the River Cam – a highly recommended activity, as the many, many touts around the town will make sure to explain to you repeatedly and at great length!

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